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Hello and Congratulations!

        Kathy is a Harpist who sings, plays the piano and synthesizer (a portable keyboard). She has a unique 23 Karat Gold hand-carved harp.

        Your musician creates the first atmosphere of your wedding. She'll play, as your guests arrive, to create a beautiful mood until your ceremony is ready to begin. Most of her music is memorized. She has a self-contained sound system and her harp is amplified. Also, if you choose an outdoor wedding the equipment is battery-powered.

        Her music is very eclectic and she can perform all styles of music and sings in Spanish, Tagalog, Hebrew, French, Italian and German. Kathy also plays Japanese and Chinese music. She is available for weddings, anniversaries, art shows, corporate / company parties, or any event.  

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An information packet with a free demo cd of Kathy's music is available. Her CDs "Love Songs" and "Lift Your Spirits" are available for sale. The cost for the CDs are $16 for one or $27 for two. (Includes Shipping)

        Trust your music to an experienced professional and make your wedding day beautiful and special. Together we will choose music which will be meaningful for you and your families. Click here for more information about Kathy Kavanaugh.

Kathy Kavanaugh
702 340-3030
PO Box 13051
Las Vegas, NV 89112